Related or Cooperative Programs and Projects
Many subjects of study is being done by paticipating these programs and projects below. And Prof. Yasunari, staff and doctor course students are menber of some projects.

<Program (on campus)>

Nagoya University A 21st Century COE Progaram
Dynamics of the Sun-Earth-Life interactive System

The Sun-Earth-Life Interactive System consists of the Sun as the energy source, the Earth as the field of circulation of energy, water, and other materials, and the Life actively controlling the circulation. We will clarify the dynamics of the system by restoring the past abrupt changes precisely, by discovering basic processes and mechanisms of the circulation from resent observations, and by constructing a model for the prediction of change in the next 10 to 1,000 years. Prof. Yasunari is in charge of bases this COE Program.

<National Program and Project >

Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology(JAMSTEC) Frontier Research Center for Global Change(FRCGC)・ Hydrological Cycle Reseach Program
Prof. Yasunari holds a post as a program director of this (FRCGC/HCRP) and he is undertaking the joint studies of the varibility on global and Asian climate water cycle. And co-reseach with the instutute is now been progressing about the climate change and its related variabilty of the water cycle over the whole globe and asia monsoon region.

「人間活動によるアジアモンスーン変化の定量的評価と予測に関する研究 」


Project as a Core Research for Evolutional Sciencs and Technology(CREST)
「Effect of rainfall variability on water cycle and ecosystem in tropical forest under Asian monsoon climate」

Rainfall variability in various time-scales over Southeast Asian monsoon region is investigated by observational data analysis and numerical modeling study. Its effects on water and mineral cycle in forest ecosystem are analyzed through field observation including soil moisture measurements at several experimental forests in Thailand and Malaysia. Based on these results, we aim to develop a model, which predicts effects of rainfall variability on water and mineral cycle in tropical terrestrial ecosystem over Asian monsoon region. Some of members of this laboratory paticipate this study including field study.

<International Program and Project>

GAME(GEWEX Asian Monsoon Experiment)
As a part of the Global Energy and Water cycle EXperiment (GEWEX), the GEWEX Asian Monsoon Experiment (GAME) has been implemented to understand the role of the Asian monsoon in the global energy and water cycle and to improve the simulation and seasonal prediction of Asian monsoon patterns and regional water resources.
This institution including this laboratory is one of the backbone of this project in Japan. This project has been completed in March 2005 and now taken over as MAHASRI.

MAHASRI(Monsoon Asian Hydro-AtmosphereScientific Research and Prediction Initiative)
Taking over from GAME,MAHASRI (Monsoon Asian Hydro-AtmosphereScientific Research and Prediction Initiative)is beeing organized.The objective of the MAHASRI is "to establish hydro-meteorological prediction system, particularly up to seasonal time-scale, through better scientific understanding of Asian monsoon variability".