Research Topics

Climate and Water Cycle
Asian Monsoon
Biosphere and Climate

We study global climate system and its related water cycle processes from many points of view. 'Aqua-planet Earth' is defined its appearance by water(H2O) itself. The climate of the earth, which is composed of atmosphere-hydrosphere-land surface interactive system, is formed by hydrological cycle processes associated with water state change (liquid, solid, gas) , and the variability of climate system itself is in turn caused by feed back processes associated with those hydrological phenomena with energy transfer.
Water is crucial to the existence of life contained human beings, and the understanding of regional-scale water regime is important for prediction of water resources. Especially, the amount of monsoon rainfall makes it possible for more than 60% of the earth's popupation to live in Asia, which indicates the importance of detail understanding and more improved forcasting of Asian Monsoon as a huge hydrologic entity in climate system.
Furthermore, hydrometeorological researches on land ecosystem imply that biosphere actively control the climate and water cycle and maintain it stable condition.
We intend to explore 'Aqua-planet Earth' through the understanding of global climate system composed of water, biosphere and dynamical structure of its variation with in situ obserbation, data analysis, and theoretical study by using climate model.